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The Wall Street salesmen crowd seems to control the financial media. They get to control the conversation and “group think” investment ideas we’ve been subjected to for years – often very trying years for our actual investments, such as the tech bubble blow-up and the financial collapse of ’08-’09. Yet these same Wall Street prognosticators continue to fill the financial media (papers, TV, blogs, sales material, etc.) with the same old, tired ideas they’ve used for decades to sell product to the masses. Personally, I’ve had enough!

“Street Wall” is your antidote for Wall Street’s nonsense. Written by Tom Hamilton , President of Hamilton Wealth Management, “Street Wall” provides honest, insightful financial information for YOU, the reader, the investor, the one who Wall Street has directly in their cross-hairs. Street Wall ignores the “company line” and gives the reader a real, honest perspective on investing, markets, financial planning and the like.

Wall Street may not like “Street Wall” very much, but I assure you, the feeling is mutual! So many investors have been hurt by one Wall Street problem after another. Questionable sales techniques by sales people calling themselves “financial advisors”, phony market bubbles inflated by disingenuous “research”, scandals too numerous to list, capped off by the complete collapse of the financial system in 2008. We’ve had enough!

Jan 2021   New President, New Market Thoughts

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Is your Financial Advisor Ripping You Off?

Thomas Hamilton, AAMS | Friday, January 27, 2017
I have no idea if your advisor/broker is ripping you off! Why don’t you know? You’re the one who’s paying him/her!!! Maybe paying a whole lot, at that. Why don’t you stop reading right now, and send an email to…

Always have “Healthy Skepticism” When Evaluating Investment opportunities

Thomas Hamilton, AAMS | Thursday, May 26, 2016
So, as some of you know, I was out of the office for a few days last week. No, not an early summer vacation – I was working. Working to help provide opportunities for my clients but also to try to avoid pitfalls “dressed…

Is The Stock Market Too Risky Now?

Thomas Hamilton | Monday, September 14, 2015
Well, here we are, right in the middle of a stock market pullback. The market benchmarks are down 8-10% from their highs and the Wall Street prognosticators are out in full force telling you it’s “just a bump in the…

FINRA’s Broker Check – Check it Out!

Thomas Hamilton | Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Broker Check … Check it Out What do you really know about the person and firm managing your investments? What other companies have they worked for and when? What industry registrations do they have? How long have they been…